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It was hard for me to stay at work. I couldn't wait to come to this job site every day to see what was happening. You hear horror stories and I never showed up one time that there weren't at least one or two workmen on-site, and many times there were as many as 10 or 15.And that was sort of a pleasure to me to find that kind of activity going on. Joe was just a real pleasure to work with.
Glen & Mary DeBrueys
He was here every day overseeing it. The workers were tremendous because I, you know, I'm a guy. Somebody's doing something for me, I want to see him and actually watch him work sometimes, so I hung around a lot. And it really turned out very, very well. Couldn't be happier. I would refer and have referred Joe Bucci. That's a tough thing when you refer somebody to a friend because you want to be careful. But I have no reservations in doing it.
Phil Simms
I would definitely recommend Bucci & Associates to friends and family. He was very professional, very helpful. All the people that we dealt with along the way - the manufacturers and the vendors that he used - were very helpful. It made my life building this home much easier.
Diane Bowen


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