About Us

Looking back over the years...

We like stories. And the opportunity to be part of your story - whether that be in providing services for your residential or commercial project - is one that we don't take for granted. We want to share with you where we started, where we are, and where we're heading.

How it all began...

Our story dates back to October 1973, where this all began. Initially, it was a small building contractor company until March 2001, when after years of hard work and patience, we changed into Bucci and Associates and have been working as construction managers since then.

Now, Bucci and Associates is working on big projects like commercial buildings, offices, medical facilities, multi-family, condos, and luxury single-family dwellings.

What we offer...

We oversee assignments for proprietors, including project supervision, quality control, contract preparation, project budgeting, bidding, and accounting. We offer our services for extravagance homes, multi-family, and business ventures. We have thoroughly set up frameworks to keep projects running easily, on-schedule, and within your financial plan.

We are different...

Our open-book policy allows our clients to keep a check on their expenditures. Our qualities penetrate through all that we do. Things that define us are: quality work and reliability because we believe in doing the right thing; delivering what we’ve promised to our customers; and making opportunities for our team to shine.

What we strive for...

We utilize an open and shared methodology with our clients. This gives us a superior point of view on how we can convey financially savvy and useful results for all partners on each undertaking, regardless of how mind-boggling or testing it is. We continually rock the boat, make the unthinkable conceivable, and will continue doing so for years to come. Ready to start on your new project? Get in touch with us today!


511 South Broad Street,
Glen Rock, NJ 07452

About us

Bucci & Associates provides services for luxury homes, multi-family projects, and commercial projects to individual and corporate clients in NJ, GA and FL.


NJ Registered Builder Lic. #036712
NJ Home Improvement Contractor Lic. #13VH00142300
NJ Construction Official Lic. #005188
Georgia Residential/General Contractor Lic. #RLCO002676
Georgia Qualifying Agent Lic. #RLCO002717
Florida Certified Building Contractor Lic. #CBC1263520
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